The Great American Trucking Show

GATS VIP Job Service - How To Video

GATS VIP Job Service is a new offering to our recruiting exhibitors.  Job skills and endorsement information given by attendees during registration is matched to the hiring criteria provided by our recruiting exhibitors.  An online portal is made available where recruiters can search a list of attendees that have been matched.  The systems allow you to send emails or even request meetings with these attendees at the show. 

During the show, GATS will have two booths set up, one outside the main entrance in lobby B and one in the recruiting pavilion #3225.  Attendees can visit these booths to see which recruiters they match. They will then be given a card like the one below to hand to the exhibitor when visiting their booth indicating that they have been matched to the exhibitor's hiring criteria. 

This is just one way GATS is working to connect you to qualified attendees and hopefully bring you one step closer to a hire. 

Click here to see a video on how to view your matches and connect with possible hires through your online portal

Not sure you are set up with your hiring criteria? Give us a call at 888-349-4287 or visit us onsite at booth #3225 in the recruiting pavilion of our booth in lobby B.