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LHi Lab Creates Video Content for Mother Trucker Yoga and the Transportation Industry

LHi Lab worked with Mother Trucker Yoga to create new interactive subscription based driver fitness videos for truck drivers in the transportation industry. The 3-5 minute videos demonstrate simple yoga moves that can be done in and around the truck to help drivers "Feel Better Wherever®"


With a focus on video content and custom apps creation and a history of working within the transportation and logistics industry, LHi Lab was a perfect fit to create the video content for newcomer Mother Trucker Yoga, a company, based near Milwaukee, WI, with a focus on better driver fitness through simple yoga techniques.

There are some 7 million drivers on the roads. 87% of trucking accidents involve driver error and 12% are due to drivers falling asleep, heart attacks and health problems. In 2017 the University of Utah did a study proving that poor health in truck drivers has a direct relation to the accident rate. The average crash rate among all truck drivers is 29 per 100 million miles. This statistic jumps to 93 per 100 million miles for drivers with three or more health ailments.

Mother Trucker Yoga co-founder, Hope Zvara, wants to transfer the proven benefits of yoga to the trucking industry. Nearly two thirds of yoga users reported that as a result of practicing yoga they were motivated to exercise more regularly, and 4 in 10 reported they were motivated to eat healthier. And More than 80% of yoga users reported reduced stress because of practicing yoga.

Ms. Zvara has been teaching yoga to all age groups over the past 17 years. “Yoga truly is for everyone, and like many of us, truckers are sitting all day, with limited movement, broken sleep patterns, heightened stress and limited resources available to them to make the changes they know they need to make,” Says Zvara.

Co-founder, Phil Knuckey is a business owner in the trucking industry and was inspired by Ms. Zvara’s message and teachings. Mr. Knuckey had been paralyzed from the waist down before recovering most of his mobility. “Even with my limited mobility, I was able to do the yoga that is provided via video instruction for truckers,” said Mr. Knuckey. “So, if I can do it, anyone can do it,” He added.

The videos that LHi Lab produced will be offered via subscription from Mother Trucker Yoga. There will be corporate and individual account options. On top of delivering via web new instructional content each month, there will also be ways to communicate with Ms. Zvara regarding questions about the content and deeper connectivity for both corporate and individual users.

Mother Trucker Yoga is debuting their program at the Mid America Truck Show (MATS), taking place in Louisville, KY March 22-28, 2018 at booth 62076. Both Mr. Knuckey and Ms. Zvara will be in attendance to answer questions and share their message of yoga for the trucker on the go - to improve trucker fitness by reduced stress, improved well-being, focus, concentration, and better mobility.

LHi Lab can be reached via for video content creation and custom apps creation within the transportation industry and beyond. LHi Lab has a history of partnering on innovative projects.

Mother Trucker Yoga can be contacted for more information about their new subscription-based program at

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LHi Lab is based is based in Minneapolis, MN with locations in Pasadena, CA, Boston, MA and Manchester, UK. LHi Lab’s focus is creating high quality video content ranging from commercial work to web content, with full capabilities from producing, directing, writing, shooting and final post production. The other focus is the creation of custom applications for multiple industries. For more information, contact LHi Lab at

About Mother Trucker Yoga 

Mother Trucker Yoga, based outside of Milwaukee, WI, offers trucker fitness and wellness solutions for the transportation industry and beyond, by offering online subscriptions for corporations and individuals. For more information about Mother Trucker Yoga contact


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