The Great American Trucking Show

Workplace Rights , Protections and Free Ice Cream

Women Truck Driver Group to Host Ice Cream Social with Top Law Firms that fight for the rights of truck drivers during the Great American Truck Show

The REAL Women in Trucking organization will host a Free Ice Cream Social during a “Hot Legal Topics for Truck Drivers” event that will feature three top lawyers that fight for the rights of drivers. Craig Ackermann, Esq. , Joshua Friedman, Esq. , and Paul Taylor, Esq.
Topics to be discussed:
Unpaid Work Time:
Detention, Meal and Rest Break Legislation and Litigation
Missclassification of Truck Drivers
Trucking School Fraud
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
Truck Driver Whistleblower STAA
Refusal to Drive Protections & Remedie

Craig Ackermann, Esq.
Mr. Ackermann has been an advocate for truckers rights such as: individual, representative and class action litigation, including unpaid and on-duty rest period class actions, PAGA penalty misclassification cases, non-reimbursed business expense class actions, unpaid overtime class actions, and multi-plaintiff sexual harassment cases. He is presently additional Counsel for New Prime inc., vs Dominic Oliveira 
Read more about this case here
Craig has been a guest explaining the Denham Amendment and other trucking issues affecting truckers on radio shows such as AskTheTrucker Live and Sirius XM  Road Dog Trucking radio.


Joshua Friedman Esq.
Mr Friedman’s practice is limited to sexual harassment, racial harassment and other types of harassment, at work and at school, and class action discrimination cases.  He is presently best known among the truck driver community for his ongoing CRST sexual harassment case.
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Paul Taylor
Mr. Taylor has been helping workers resolve their employment-related problems for more than 20 years. Truckers Justice Center levels the playing field for workers who have suffered wrongful termination, discrimination, lease violations, DAC reports, or have been harassed or subjected to retaliation because they blew the whistle on illegal practices.
Paul is known throughout the trucker community on Social Media and via his educational Truckers Justice YouTube channel.


The Ice Cream Social learning event “HOT LEGAL TOPICS for Truck Drivers“ will take place during the Great American Truck Show at the Truckers News Stage on August 23, 2018 at 3:30 PM.

RWIT President Desiree Wood, a truck driver herself encourages all drivers and those who support them in their advocacy campaigns to create an improved workplace culture to attend this important event.

The issue of sexual harassment is just one of the issues affecting truck drivers that will be discussed. Legislation that affects unpaid work time like detention, meal and rest break cases, Missclassification of truck drivers, Blacklisting from future employment, Trucking school fraud, Truck driver whistleblower protections under the Department of Labor Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) that allows for refusals to drive and remedies in certain situations and the current arbitration clause case overview.

“In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp , it is about time says Wood that trucking begins to have a meaningful discussion surrounding sexual misconduct in training fleets and how we must learn about our rights and hold those who violate them accountable.

The REAL Women in Trucking booth at GATS is #948 for the duration of the show. The Ice Cream Social with HOT LEGAL TOPICS for Truck Drivers will happen on Day One of the truck show on the truckers news stage beginning at 3:30 PM August 23, 2018.
America Strong Stage (Hall A)


REAL Women in Trucking, Inc.

Desiree Wood