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Team Research Inc. To Unveil Radar-Enabled ADAS Dash Camera

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San Jose, CA – August 9, 2017 – Team Research Inc. (“Team Research”), a major player in the security and surveillance industry, prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of technology and is happy to announce the unveiling of a brand-new product at GATS 2017. The Millimeter Wave Radar ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Dashcam is a revolutionary product that not only records high-quality video, but also acts as a forward collision and lane departure warning system, aiming to help truck drivers prevent costly traffic accidents.

What separates the Millimeter Wave Radar ADAS Dashcam from competitors is its use of radar to detect when a collision is imminent, even under poor weather conditions such as rain, fog, and snow. The dash cam provides an alert to drivers if they are about to hit another vehicle or their vehicle strays from its intended lane. Our product serves as a dependable driving companion that reduces the chances of drivers being involved in an accident.

“We’re thrilled to introduce to the public what we believe is a game changer in the dash cam market,” said Simon Wang, Vice President of Marketing & Sales. “Our new ADAS dash camera raises the bar for what it means to be a dash cam by combining top-tier camera features such as a 1080P video resolution and GPS receiver with the safety features of a high-end luxury car.”

The camera comes with a 16GB SD card and supports up to 64GB.

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Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the Millimeter Wave Radar ADAS Dashcam starts at $500. 

The dash cam is available now at


About Team Research Inc.

Team Research Inc. is a leading home and business security solutions developer, manufacturer, and marketer producing aggressive annual growth in the security and surveillance industry. Team Research has developed overseas manufacturing partnerships that enable the company to produce innovative and leading technology solutions. Product offerings include wireless and wired cameras, IP Network cameras, and security DVRs, catering to a broad range of end users from DIY customers with residential needs, to big-name resellers, to installers for commercial business needs. With world-wide branch offices, our technology solutions have boosted Team Research to the forefront of security solutions in this fast-growing market segment.

Team Research’s products are distributed through a network of retail and distribution partners including leading national retailers like Costco, Sam’s Club, Future Shop, Wal-Mart, Costco Canada, as well as major regional chains like Fry’s Electronics, and E-commerce retailers like,,,, and many others throughout North America. Other retail locations include Costco in Mexico, Sam’s Clubs in Puerto Rico, and PriceSmart in the Caribbean.


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