The Great American Trucking Show

Guidelines for Music/Speakers in your booth

Are you planning on having music playing from your booth or speakers in your booth during GATS? There are some friendly reminders that we want you be aware of when you have these items in your booth.

The noise level of sound equipment must not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors and we ask that all speakers are positioned so that sound directs into the booth rather than into the aisle. Sound and noise should not exceed 85 decibels when measured form the aisle immediately in front of your booth. No music (live or recorded) is allowed in any booth without permission of Show Management. Show Management is not responsible for the Exhibitor’s licensing for the use of music in any form during the show

If your speakers and/or music is too loud Show Management does have the authority to tell you to turn your music down or off.


We just ask that you be respectful of all exhibitors and be "good neighbors". We want all exhibitors to have a great experience at GATS!!