The Great American Trucking Show

Enhanced Exhibitor Profile

Make certain that you stand out from other exhibitors by having your exhibitor listing provide attendees with additional information on your products and services.

The standard exhibitor listing will display your company name and booth number, along with your address and any contact information that you update on your Exhibitor Dashboard.  But, you can outdo those other exhibitors and get your product information in front of the attendees' first!

First, attendees will be convinced to come to your booth before anyone else's because they will be won over by the descriptions of all the products and services you will be able to use to help them grow their businesses.  They will see this information on the website's exhibitor search function and on their unique attendee dashboard when they are matched with you based on the product categories under which you are exhibiting.  These two areas will get attendees interested in visiting your booth before they ever arrive on the show floor.  Then, once they are onsite, the GATS app's exhibitor search function and your listing in the printed onsite directory will form the impetus that drives those potential customers to your booth.

The enhanced exhibitor listing in the printed onsite directory includes:

  • Company name (in red font)
  • Booth number (in red font)
  • Full Color logo
  • Full address
  • Full contact information
  • Website
  • Extended product descripiton
  • Video links
  • PDF of brochures and press releases

The enhanced exhibitor profile viewed online includes:

  • Exhibitor search on the GATS website
  • In the GATS directory (company name, booth number, full contact information and logo only. Listing is also in Red)
  • Exhibitor search on the attendee registration dashboard
  • Exhibitor search on the attendee app

All of this additional exposure is available for ONLY $500.  The deadline to ensure your enhanced listing appears in the printed onsite directory is July 25, with your logo creative being due on that same day.

To take advantage of this deal, please contact your sales representative or click here to send us a message.

If you have any questions please contact our events team at 888-349-4287.