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Scorpion Jacks are helping truck service garages EVOLVE

Dear Press,

Scorpion Jacks are helping  truck service garages EVOLVE.  For over 100 years truck garages have used service jacks that were designed at the turn of the last century.  Hydraulic bottle jacks, Hydraulic chassis jacks and 22 ton air jacks are all very old and outdated.  The modern shop need a newer, safer and more productive approach.

Scorpion Jacks bring truck service jacking into the new era.  Our jacks are completely different from conventional jacks (Disruptive Technology).  Our jacks are the only jacks to;

  • Have a built in Mechanical Safety Lock
  • Lift across the axle two points of contact for safety and stability
  • Lift the whole front end or rear end in one go.
  • Extendable handle from 5 Ft to 9 Ft.
  • Ergonomic design to allow for easy movement of the jack
  • Floating casters for easy positioning
  • Air/Hydraulic design no pumping required
  • Increases productiving and safety
  • Made in N.America

The ScorpionJack can be used as an axle jack.  A bumper jack, A trailer jack, and soon a transmmission jack.  The Scorpion jack features versatitity and safety that eclipses all other jacks.  See for yourself…