Recruiting Pavilion at GATS


If you’re a commercial driver, you are in a great position to find a new job. The driver shortage is in full swing, federal regulations are affecting driver turnover, and there is a demand for increased freight volume from fleets. All of this is working to build a perfect storm for you, the driver.

This same perfect storm can lead to a lot of added stress. You have to deal with dispatchers pushing you to work harder, aggravated and (potentially) angry customers, and maybe even miss a little home time with the family. It can add a lot of stress to an already stressful job.

The Great American Trucking Show is dedicated to giving you the resources you want and need for a happy and healthy life. To help improve your career health (alongside your physical health), we have drastically expanded the driver recruiting pavilion to provide additional resources for you. You can find a job which fits your career needs.

We want to help you find your dream driving job.

The expanded recruiting pavilion gets you in contact with representatives from over 100 exhibiting fleets, all of which are seeking to hire drivers just like you. You can speak directly to fleet representatives who can tell you about their fleet’s programs and benefits. These representatives can tell you other valuable information that you might normally miss out on, like the potential for career progression.

Just outside the pavilion, you can also find additional recruiting companies. These companies can help you find a job based on your criteria. They also represent other fleets who may not be exhibiting on the show floor.

This gives you an opportunity to find the job that meets your needs.

Even if you don’t live and work in Texas, you shouldn’t skip the show. While there certainly are fleets who operate solely out of Texas, there are a number of medium and large carriers with terminals across the United States.

The fleets recruiting at the show include some of the biggest carriers in the country, including Crete Carriers, KAG, Schneider National, Celadon, and Mercer Transportation. And over 29 states are represented in the pavilion alone.

You don’t have to stay in the Recruiting Pavilion. There are many areas throughout GATS that are built with you in mind. After you’ve found your job, you can take a stroll to Landstar’s Fit for the Road Health and Wellness Pavilion to get access to free health screenings or take a load off in our new beer garden.

At GATS we are dedicated to improving your life by helping you be a happier and a healthier person. There are many ways you can improve your physical health, and finding a job that fits both your needs and the needs of your family can be an important first step.

For some more details on the Recruiting Pavilion, check out our page here.

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