CV Outlook



August 26-27, 2015 | Omni Hotel | Trinity Ballroom

The annual Commercial Vehicle Outlook will bring together thought leaders from all segments of the trucking industry to share real-world insights on the state of the industry and what steps to take to survive and thrive in the fourth quarter and beyond. This year’s theme is the “future of trucking” with a focus on equipment, supply chain, people, and what’s practical in the real world.

CV Outlook will provide critical information for all segments about the future of trucking, including:


How will changing technologies affect the labor pool? Will autonomous vehicles solve the driver shortage? What could emerging technologies mean for driver safety and health? How will increasingly complex vehicle systems impact the technician shortage?


How will equipment evolve over the next decade to meet changing environmental, safety and infrastructure concerns, including the advent of autonomous trucks, platooning, and larger size and weight limits?

Freight Infrastructure

How will the trend toward larger, fewer stores, shifts in intermodal and even the potential for delivery-by-drone affect freight patterns over the next decade?

Real World Applications

How will the equipment, supply chain and labor markets be driven by new technologies? What do the nation’s most forward-thinking fleet executives have to say about what will and won’t work in the real world?

2015 Speakers Include:

Dr. Michio Kaku – Renowned Scientist & Futurist
Josh Switke – CEO, Peloton Technology
Derek Rotz – Chief Engineer, Freightliner Super Truck Project
Bill Kahn – Principle Engineer, Peterbilt Motors
Greg Cohen – CEO, Highway Users Alliance
David Levinson – Professor & Chair of Transportation, University of Minnesota
Sandeep Kar – Global Vice President, Frost & Sullivan
Stephen Hampson – President and General Manager, Meritor WABCO
Mike Roeth – Executive Director, North American Council on Freight Efficiency

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